Esther Osayande

Esther Osayande is a visual artist based out of Minneapolis and the greater Twin Cities metro area. She was born in St. Paul, and attended the University of Minnesota, where she studied Sociology.


“I’m pretty much a late bloomer. I didn’t start my public art career until 1996 when I had the opportunity to work on a city commissioned art project (Celebration of Life Mural) designed by renown muralist Dr. John Biggers, directed by art leads Seitu Jones and Tacoumba Aitkin.
Working with these incredible seasoned artists was the beginning of many experiences, lessons and learning -which I call my art training in the field, since I am self- taught.
The knowledge I have gained over the years from these creatives has been invaluable – with given insight that has sharpened by creative intelligence along with learned transferable skills and the confidence needed to participate in the arena of Public Art. I have worked with numerous artists through a variety of venues on community projects and commissions -publicly and in the private sector. Painting is my first love, in which I use bright colors and interesting shapes but as of these last few years most of my work has been commissioned by the city of Minneapolis and Park Board working on design concepts: My most current work is a 15 ft Purple Rain Drop statute (14g steel) in honor of ‘ PRINCE’ located in North Minneapolis. I am trained in enamel on metal with works soon to be completed in Minneapolis. I am currently a member of ROHO art collective made up of artist of color located in Minneapolis. I continue to work collaboratively with other artist one of my favorite things to do because there is always so much to learn from one another and to share ideas that enrich us all.”
Don’t get hung up on perfection, Instead! Paint/express perfectly what you feel inside. – Esther Osayande